Am I Time Poor?

Alright. I have 15 minutes to achieve my goal to read daily. Easy peasy. Afterall, I’m in the train travelling to work. While at it, I got to reply Jamie’s text, like Daniel’s photo on Instagram, oh wait, Lincoln just snapchatted me. That’s right, I better wish Katey happy birthday on Facebook first before I forget. Hey, her Facebook article is interesting. I better save it for later reads.

Gosh. It’s my train station already. Where did the time go? I haven’t even gone through 2 pages! Isn’t 15 minutes enough? Maybe I should set 20 minutes next time. What a waste. I don’t even remember what I just read. Epic fail…

Sounds familiar? That’s right. You are time poor. No matter how much coffee or energy you have, you couldn’t even finish that one task. But that’s okay, you’re not alone. Here are 3 ways to gain back the control of your time. It doesn’t involve buying gadgets, just greater situation awareness of yourself.


Hit me baby, just one time.

If you’re a multitasker, you may feel like you have mastered time because you do multiple things simultaneously. That’s not true. Research has shown that your brain cannot process multiple task at the same time. What it does is to switch rapidly between tasks. This switch forces the brain to take time to recover from interruptions and loses momentum in completing the task.


Ignore the shit.

Silence the phone and put it away. Notifications are the greatest form of distraction because they are attention leeches when they are not urgent (you may think they are but they really aren’t). When you hear the notification, your brain has lost momentum and gone out of focus already.


Recap to save (time).

We may not have the luxury to plan out our week (although we really should), but we should all learn how we use our time. Write down the time when you start new tasks and keep the records in a time diary. At the end of the week, identify the day you were the most time wise, figure out the actions you took (or the distractions you avoided) and make small improvements in the next week.


There you go. Now, you have another 13 minutes to read my other articles!



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16 SEP 2016



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