I am always learning, through formal education, from experts in communities, and by participating in volunteer work.

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Doctor of Philosophy

Swinburne University of Technology
2018 – 2021

To work effectively as a team, architects must not only reflect on their individual experience, but also learn from each other. This thesis investigated both processes – reflecting and learning – through three research studies. The first study examined six design teams’ reflective practices and team learning qualities when they pitched for an architectural project valued at $2 billion. The second study surveyed 105 architects and revealed distinct team learning behaviours that was linked closely to team effectiveness. The last study tested a one-hour online workshop with an architecture firm to reflect on and learn from their team processes, which resulted in gradual improvements in their team performance.

Thesis available here.

Grad. Cert. in Learning and Teaching

Swinburne University of Technology
2019 – 2020

In this course, I analysed the changing nature of knowledge and knowledge construction, and evaluated pedagogical models and frameworks and their application in designing for learning within the context of changing global environments. I also designed and developed effective digital-first learning environments, learning activities and assessment tasks to support and enhance learning, and demonstrated scholarship and reflexivity to effect evidence-based change.

Grad. Cert. of Research and Innovation Management

Swinburne University of Technology
2018 – 2019

In this course I analysed, evaluated and transformed information to complete a range of innovative research activities, and applied problem-solving, design and decision making methodologies to address complex problems with innovative solutions. I also used advanced knowledge of research principles and methods to plan and execute research projects, and communicated research in professional practice to a variety of audiences.

Starting a Startup

The Plato Project

Plato Project empowers its students with a modern business education that enables them to discover their alignment between business purpose and profit. In this course, I learnt concepts and techniques for mindful leadership, growth mindset and entrepreneurial resilience and applied them to a real-world start-up.

Master of Architecture

University of Melbourne
2011 – 2012

In this course, I developed cognitive and creative skills to develop and evaluate design concepts based on critical analysis, theoretical reflection, imagination and professional responsibility. I also developed technical and communication skills to produce design and contractual architectural documentation. Finally, I honed my ability to think strategically at different environmental and urban scales, and to work individually and collaboratively to deliver a design project.

Bachelor of Environments

University of Melbourne
2008 – 2010

In this course, I developed a broad knowledge of the sciences, social sciences and design in the built environment, built conceptual and technical skills in architectural studies, and cultivated an independent and rigorous methodology of inquiry and design approach to problem solve complex societal and environmental problems.


Design Research Society

The Design Research Society (DRS) is a community that promotes and develops design research. Its members advance the theories, methods, and practices of design and seek to understand research and its relationship to education and practice. I participate as a member.

view their website here.

Experience Research Society

Experience Research Society (EXPRESSO) fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration around experiences to make an impact in science and society. For this purpose, EXPRESSO organizes events, provides online discussion forums, and shares information of experience research across disciplines.

view their website here.

The New Centre for Research & Practice

The New Centre for Research & Practice is an international, non-profit, higher education institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. It offers professional-development level certificate programs, workshops, seminars and conferences in Art & Curatorial Practice, Critical Philosophy, Media & Technology, Social & Political Thought, and Transdisciplinary Research & Practice. I participate as a member.

view their website here.

Association of Consulting Architects

The ACA helps architectural firms navigate the changing world of practice by providing regular advice and information on business and employment matters, and by promoting awareness of and discussion about business issues. I participate as an associate member.

view their website here.

The Architecture Lobby

The Architecture Lobby, Inc. is an organization of architectural workers advocating for the value of architecture in the general public and for architectural work within the discipline. I participate as a member in their Academic and Cooperative Network caucus.

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AECURN, Victoria chapter co-chair

The Australasian Early Career Urban Research Network (AECURN) is a community of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and PhD Researchers in urban research disciplines. We serve more than 350 members in the Australasia region by hosting social, professional and academic events to support ECRs in their research journey. I serve as one of the chapter chairs for Victoria, Australia.

view their website here.

Relief Brigade, Digital designer

Relief Brigade helps families pull themselves up out of poverty by making a substantial and lasting positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate in the Philippines. I help the charity deliver positive change by creating and coordinating their online donation campaigns.

view their website here.

Out for Australia, Mentor

Out for Australia provides visible mentors, role models, thought leadership and targeted support to aspiring LGBTQIA+ professionals and to strengthen the sense of community among professionals and students. In their mentoring program, I help individuals in the LGBTIQ+ community grow professionally by navigating with them through their career challenges and opportunities.

view their website here.