Customised Modularity

Customised Modularity

An exploration of the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam reveals a diverse ecosystem filled with an intertwining fabric of activities, both temporal and permanent. On the NDSM wharf sits a warehouse, commonly known as Kunststad. Within this ‘art city’, a smaller ecosystem of artists and designers coexists in a balanced but non-progressive state.

The challenge was to generate a re-configurable design that enriches the existing built ecosystem. The current studio spaces are not suitable for collaboration among the artists as it restricts spontaneous creative endeavours. Secondly, visitors should be able to explore the studios and engage with the artists differently at every visit.

By creating decentralised workshops, the designers can share the machinery and learn from each other. A modular design was adopted to facilitate connectivity on various scales, whereas automation was incorporated to facilitate reconfigurability. Prototyping was prioritised to demonstrate design capabilities of the overall automated movements and interconnecting joint details.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


+ Rethinking Cities
+ Delft University of Technology, Hyperbody

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