Design-led Research: Creating a metaverse experience v2

Project details
subject: Studio 6: Design-led research (Master of Design)

type: Teaching
with: Kevin Shen (s’more design)
for: School of Design and Architecture, Swinburne University of Technology
year: March 2023 – June 2023
role: Subject coordinator & Studio leader

In this subject, I taught students how to research through design, case study design projects in different disciplines, and design a metaverse experience for their nominated organisations. These research and design skills enabled students to triangulate trends from different design disciplines to create a transdisciplinary design experience for their organisations.

Studio participants: Rafael Cavicchioni, Zainab Calcuttawala, Ching-Yuan Ku | Fatina Bukhari, Cynthia, Chi Ning Hsu | Josh Tremigliozzi, Hayley Leahy, Vasko Dimitrioski