Design Studio Earth

Project details
for: Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne
subject name: ABPL20027 Architecture Design Studio: Earth
with: Dr Alex Selenitsch
in: Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
year: March 2014
role: Studio lead
type: Teaching

The core of the undergraduate design sequence is the development of both design thinking and dexterity with tools. The focus of this design subject will be generating design ideas, translating them into architectural form/space/materials/programme, refining the architecture through consideration of arrival, circulation, light, views etc and communicating the architectural proposition through 2D and 3D visual media and oral presentations. Linking these investigations will be the theme of earth, which will be explored conceptually, metaphorically, structurally and technologically – e.g. a grounding in considerations of site, topography, context, material investigations, compositional methods, foundational ideas.

Having completed this subject it is expected that the student be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to interrogate a brief;
  • Demonstrate an ability to generate a variety of design possibilities for a given situation;
  • Develop drawing, drafting and modelmaking skills;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relationships between architecture and earth; and
  • Develop the ability to make a case for proposals.