Digital Design & Fabrication

Project by Anna Petrou, Arvin Lourdenadin and Michael Wong.

Digital Design & Fabrication

This subject will serve as an introduction to digital design and workflow from ideas to the making of physical artefacts. It will introduce students to contemporary digital design software, tools and technology with a broader view of using these tools, mediums and techniques for design purposes and execution of design intent. The subject will focus on introducing design workflow from digital modelling to the making of physical artefacts exploring the relationship between material and technology.

A series of lectures will introduce students to the range of spatial media and techniques used to develop design concepts and design strategies. The emphasis will be on developing a critical understanding of the relationship between media and outcomes, and how tools and techniques encourage or constrain design possibilities. Concluding each lecture, students will be introduced to self-teaching modules that will enable experimentation with media and techniques typically used in design and planning.


Paul Loh


Studio Leader





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