F.A.C.E. Automation

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F.A.C.E. Automation

FACE Automation has been involved in designing, producing and selling residential, civil and industrial automations for 40 years. They aim to be a leader in advanced technological solutions, devoted to automation for pedestrian doors. The brief was to design an operation panel that employs user-friendly icons to operate the sliding door.

The interface uses a serigraph panel with a black background and white backlighting for the touch keys and symbols. Due to the serigraphy process, the icons will be static and signalled by the luminosity. Backlighting is activated when the finger is close enough to the panel, which triggers the key perimeter and the symbol.

The graphic interface uses continuous rounded lines to reflect the visual identity of FACE. It has three main symbols for operating the sliding door and two smaller “secondary” touch keys to modify the functionality of the




Treviso, Italy


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