Live, Work, Play

Live, Work, Play

As our society evolves, so must our built environment. Architecture needs to evolve beyond parametric and generative designs, incorporating adaptability and growth to change with the society. With present advances in information technology, a building needs to take on the role as an information processor, absorbing, processing and exchanging data in real time, proposing configurations adapted to the ever-changing users’ needs.

The growth of societies, accelerated by digital information processes, require a design intervention that will communicate and interact with the changing environmental context and user preferences. Cities need to embody interactive architecture, a process-oriented guide to designing dynamic spaces capable of constantly adapting to the changing environments while simultaneously performing a range of user functions.

Primary users of Melbourne Central were identified as shoppers, business personnel and artists. Their behaviour (speed, variation, direction, duration) were recorded and simulated onto new the site, Melbourne Central rooftop to determine the arrangement of architectural modules. The architecture modules sense and records user behaviour on site in order to propose different configurations to suit the various participants across time.




Melbourne, Australia


2012 MSDx

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