Making it work: Makerspaces, maker community and school partnership

Project details
to cite: Tan, L., Bessabava, R., Hebden, K. (2020). In Proceedings of the Schools as Community Hubs Conference, pp154 – 163,

type: Research
with: Ravi Bessabava, Kristen Hebden
year: December 2020
for: Schools as Community Hubs International Conference 2020
details: Article | Proceedings | Presentation

This project explores learning and reflection practices in architecture teams. When architects use reflection-on-action, they learn from experience. When they use reflection-in-action, they learn from experiencing. Such reflective practices help architects build project knowledge and deliver their project. But most architects work in teams, alongside individuals with different ways of learning and knowledge perspectives. This begs the question; how does learning and reflective practices affect architecture teams? This project addresses this question by 1) using reflective practice, team learning and design collaboration literature to frame how architects learn as a team, 2) exploring how team learning influence the competitive performance of architecture teams, 3) measuring how team learning affects architecture team performance, and 4) experimenting a reflective workshop to help architects improve their team learning skills and thus, team performance. The article concludes by discussing its theoretical contributions and practical implication in their field of architecture and design.