ODASA Architecture Installation

for: The Office for Design and Architecture, South Australia
with: Dr Tim McGinley, Agile X Research Group, AX3 Participants
year: May 2016
type: Architecture, Installation
location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
awards: 2017 South Australian Architecture Awards, Small Project Architecture Commendation

ODASA Pavilion is the embodiment of applying Agile methodologies into digital design and fabrication. It uses a nonstandard design process that focuses on first developing and refining an immaterial system prior to applying the system to a design brief. The process seeks to delay materialisation to create an adaptable system. The benefits of the nonstandard design process is to enable designers with a flexible system that caters to contextual, material and environmental conditions of the project during the design process. The process was tested in a series of three workshops to design and fabricate a pavilion for the Office of Design and Architecture South Australia (ODASA) in Adelaide to coincide with the Australian Institute of Architecture’s National Conference.

In this third workshop the AGILE X3, ODASA Pavilion was fabricated in an easily demountable 6mm MDF and 3mm Acrylic structure with intermittent flyscreen panels. The workshop was led by Dr Tim McGinley and consisted of architecture and engineering students from University of South Australia. The pavilion weighed approximately 140kgs and the arch spans a distance of approximately 4.5 metres. It was semi-constructed as 8 manageable sections, transported to the site and assembled in a day.