Ori Fasado

Ori Fasado

Parametric design is highly useful in the architectural design process. Aside from eliminating repetitive drafting, they allow designers to create synthetic and responsive modelling. Contextual factors can now play a stronger driving force in the design, allowing architects to create custom environment-aware designs.

Design a facade for the temporary architecture building that serves as an expressive gateway to the University of Melbourne. The parametric design should be modelled with Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor commonly used in parametric designs. The design needs to incorporate limitations with prototyping while the script explained a diagrammatic flowchart.

Folding was chosen as the design approach to create a single detail and an easy-to-assemble prototype. To create the variations in crease pattern and its curvature, attractor points deviated the regular folding lines while Kangaroo simulated the curve. The surface was laser cut on both sides and the prototype was folded in under an hour.




Melbourne, Australia


Architecture, Installation

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