The Home of Mother Rhea

The Home of Mother Rhea

A long time ago, when Gaia’s playground reached out as far as the eye can see, Mother Rhea descended from the skies and played out on the open fields. She loved the fields so much that on her birthday she called out to her children, “Apollo, Athena, Haphaestus and Hestia, I gather you here today and ask that you build me a home so that I can protect and nurture the open lands for all to enjoy. I will visit at dusk to see what you have built”.

The four children set out to find the best pasture to fulfill Mother Rhea’s birthday wish.

“A pinch of passion, a splash of soul, a cup of creativity and here we go!” said Apollo.

Apollo, with his originality, swept Mother Rhea away with joy. But, when Mother Rhea entered the house, she grew puzzled. She could not use the house!

“Isn’t this original? Doesn’t this inspire you?” Apollo exclaimed. “Yes my son, it does! But the world we create shouldn’t just be a place purely of inspiration.” With that, Mother Rhea patted Apollo on his chest and went to find Athena.

A storm of studies, a torrent of tests, a puff of provocation and this is my best!” said Athena.

Athena, with her intellect, blew Mother Rhea away with curiosity. But when Mother Rhea entered the house, she became scared. She did not understand what the house was!

“Aren’t my views correct? Doesn’t this make you curious?” said Athena.“Yes my daughter, it does! But the world we create shouldn’t just be a place purely of intellectual pursuits.” With that, Mother Rhea kissed Athena on her head and went to find Haphaestus.

“A surge of skills, a flash of finesse, a torch of technology and it’s here to impress!“ said Haphaestus.

Haphaestus, with his skillful hands, lit Mother Rhea up with wonder. But when Mother Rhea entered the house, she became nonchalant. She could not feel a sense of home!

“Isn’t this practical? Doesn’t this work well?” said Haphaestus. “Yes my son, it does! But the world we create shouldn’t be a place purely of physical comfort.” With that, Mother Rhea kissed Haphaestus on the hands and went to find Hestia.

When Mother Rhea found Hestia crying on the grass, she knelt down and asked Hestia what was wrong.

“Mother Rhea, I am not creative like brother Apollo. I am not smart like sister Athena. I am not skilled like brother Haphaestus. I am sorry I failed to build you a home. Please give me more time.” said Hestia. With that, Mother Rhea smiled, patted Hestia on the shoulders and went away.

The next day, Mother Rhea returned to Hestia and was greeted by all her children. Standing behind them was the home which welcomed her with its open doors.

Mother Rhea circled the house joyously. She traced the walls with her fingers and felt every texture outside the house.

She entered the house with curiosity. She explored the spaces with her eyes and pictured new ways to enjoy the room.

She moved around the house comfortably and rested her body naturally in the cosy seats. She found new and useful furniture which she never thought she needed.

When Mother Rhea reached the last room, she saw her children Apollo, Athena and Haphaestus smiling proudly. She could tell that their ideas were part of the house! But Hestia was standing quietly with her head down.

“What’s wrong my child?”

“All of the rooms have ideas from my brothers and sister. I have only put their ideas into this house, yet failed to learn from them to create a space of my own.”

“But my child, this home inspires me to create a world of endless possibilities! It makes me learn more about the world and myself! It works beautifully and is easy for me to enjoy!”

“My child, the world we create must never be hurried for the sake of today, but nurtured for the hope of tomorrow. Seek help if you need, for we do not live on this earth alone.”


Daniel Hazmy, Siavash Malek




Melbourne, Australia


Architecture, Creative Writing


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