I just started using Twitter and I honestly have no idea why I signed up for.

I’m not a huge fan of social media because I think it kills the ‘socialness’ of it. How social can you get when you’d rather stay home and use facebook than to call someone out for coffee? I do have a Facebook account, but I only use it to leave notes on friends’ walls or to simply mass message a group of friends. Now that I signed up for Twitter, which is primary the status update of Facebook, I am quite puzzled as to how Twitter survives, seeing that it takes the concept from Facebook. I now am confused when I write a status update (which is occasionally and not everyday) on Facebook. I ask myself, “should it go on Twitter?”

So why is there a need for Twitter? I dare say that the followers of your Twitter page are definitely have your Facebook contact. So why would you post a status update on 2 different websites/social media when you’re only writing it to show 1 type of audience aka your friends/followers?

Then comes the point of determining what goes on Twitter. Should I announce to the world what I ate for lunch? Ramble about how boring the lecturer is? Tell them the colour of my toothpaste? Is this what Twitter is really about? To tell the world every last detail about yourself? To make you become your own paparazzi?

On a lighter note, I just created a Page called Junk in my Head which I list some of the useless information that floats around in my head. Go take a read if you are bored!