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Studio (Un)Real v2: Future Food Systems

Tan, L. 2023. Studio (Un)Real v2: Future Food Systems. Architecture Design Research Studio C, Swinburne University of Technology


By 2049 global food systems will not only be strained by a rapidly changing climate, they will also be expected to feed a population nearing 10 billion. How can architecture be part of the solution?

Studio (Un)Real is an experience-based, process-focused design research studio. This semester, we will design food innovation hubs that 1) produces food, 2) explores alternative food sources, 3) experiments with food production techniques, 4) examines ways of gathering and reducing food waste, 5) teaches about food practices, 6) hosts ghost kitchens, and 7) offers those innovation outcomes in a café and dining area.

In this studio, we use Midjourney and ChatGPT in our research process. We have a ‘futurneering’ masterclass to sharpen our design provocation skills. We will have food innovator(s) to discuss the logistical challenges and needs of food innovation hubs. Student projects are part of a larger Melbourne Design Week exhibition (17 – 24 May), and they  get to present their designs to ARUP and City of Melbourne.

  • keywords: Architecture design studio; Generative AI; innovation hub; urban food production; Melbourne Design Week 2023 
  • year: March 2023 – June 2023
Subject details

This subject facilitates students to improve their creative thinking by developing and refining speculative design ideas that address complex, modern global issues. They will use flexible learning skills to handle unpredictable results and link difficult or opposite elements, learning from mistakes through design interactions while using architecture or urban design to solve design and research challenges.