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About Linus Tan

Linus Tan (he/him) is a scholar and designer at School of Design and Architecture, Swinburne University of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia. He researches how people think, act, and learn (cognition and behaviour) for design and innovation. He also researches how emerging technologies changes the way we think, act, and learn.

Hi, I’m Linus. Thanks for checking out my website. This is where I share my processes and insights on how to design opportunities, make decisions, and take actions. I thrive in uncertain and dynamic environments. My skill is in developing out-of-the-box solutions in the midst of chaos, making calculated judgments and leading effective actions when traditional pathways appear difficult and no longer works.

You can reach me personally here.

Why read my website?

I write to clarify my thinking. In doing so, I share my growth and transformation journey, in life and at work. The fundamental question I ask myself is, “How can we seize better opportunities, make wiser judgments, and turn intentions into actions?”

My writing explores the following topics:

  1. Creating opportunities: How do we make and find opportunities, without waiting for one?
  2. Making decisions: How do we make informed and effective decisions, to avoid regrets?
  3. Taking action: How can we turn our aspirations into tangible achievements in our daily lives?”

I read a lot of research articles for work, and a wide variety of nonfiction books for fun. Check out my reading list to see what I’m now reading. From my readings and reflections, I devote this site to help individuals, teams and organisations develop a proactive mentality, make educated decisions, and translating their objectives into actual accomplishments in their daily lives.

P.S. I was inspired by Cal Newport, The Whisper Collective and Bron Eager, academics who write/blog. 

P.P.S. I may also write about research processes here and there, just to arrange my research ideas thoughts here and there.

My 9-to-5: Academic

I am a lecturer and researcher at the School of Design and Architecture, Swinburne University of technology, in Melbourne, Australia. My research includes:

  • Cognition and behaviour in design and innovation
  • Wicked problems, ambiguity and opportunity
  • Generative AI in design and architecture

I have also researched and taught at the University of Melbourne, RMIT Univresity, and the University of South Australia. You can find my scholarly publications, research projects and conference presentations by visiting here.

Latest article

Designing your self-improvement journey

Currently reading

The psychology of money by Morgan Housel, 2020

The power of regret by Daniel Pink, 2022

My last read

Show your work! by Austin Kleon, 2014

Projects I am making

Self-improving with AI

About me

I read, think, write, and design. I'm reinventing myself again, round 4.